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Three "Real" American Heroes!
A Joke
Theo Spark Video Link By Baxter Black
Talibany GIF Image Video Link
The First Book Of Government: PSALM 2009
At 5+ Years Old, It's Still Mighty GOOD STUFF!
YouTube Video Link: "Here's To You Mr. Jefferson"

Video Link: Never NEVER Talk To A Policeman
Obama Care JPEG Image
The Death Of A Legend
Video Link: Don't Blame It On Our Coca-Cola Bottles


A Joke: $20 Apiece
2 Images: 1 Funny JPEG & 1 Serious Gif
Video Link: Cowboy Poets - Wally McRae
Life Site News Link: Wednesday, 09/30/09


Some Of The Differences Between Muslims & Jews
Scottish Newspaper Image : Hydrogen Barackside
ABC's John Stossel Destroys Obamba's Health Care' Plan!
The Taxi Ride

Great Idea! I love this! Get your gun! 
News Link: Some Of General Patton's Maxims
Why Dogs Hate Halloween 
'Dear Grim Reaper' Redux

Tiger's Visit To Santa
Start Paying Attention People!
The Cesspool
Obamacare: Only cartoons can capture the essence so quickly.

Looks like England is Waking Up
We Created  This.......
One Of The Best Articles I Have Read
New Breed of Super Cookie Defies Removal - Almost...

Avatar Reviewed By Noted Film Critic Joe Biden
Anatomy of a Failing Presidency
Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck?
How Far Is America Going To Be Pushed?

Booze Problem
The Power of Make-up
The Impudent Tyranny of Harry Reid


BEST QUOTE OF 2009 - Guns
We still buy oil from the Middle East and it's not necessary.
Keep your feet off of OUR Furniture Obama!
A Sign Along A Kenyan Highway


Bankruptcy 101 .... A Must Read
What are you thinking?
You Know You're in a Redneck Church if...
Three Witches from California


THE 10 POOREST CITIES & the politics of their mayors
Where can I get my pistol engraved like this?
A Well Planned Retirement
A Great Presidential Speech


Brilliant Household Tip
NANOPOOL - New "Liquid Glass" Technology
Three Oldies But Goodies


Our Brilliant Leaders
I Just Can't Let This Go!
Stunning To Say The Least!


Mega Depression First, Then Mega Civil War
Cross on Interstate 40 Groom, Texas (near Pampa)
The Last Of The Great Home Gun Raids
What Do You Think Of This


Just Goes To Show....
Billboard I-70 in Missouri!
What Are You Thinking?
Beware - Subtle Car Break In


Well Into Their Eighties
Get Out Of The Car! JPEG Image
Daddy Can I Barrow Your Car....
Biology Test


Best Joke of 2010 So Far
A CBS Poll On Abama's Performance
A Blue Pigeon


Denzel Washington - A Genuine Home-Front Hero!
I Now Like Rap Music...
SPLC Hit List


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