24 of My Favorite Doomsday Novels

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Here’s A List of Two Dozen of My Favorite
“End of Civilization /Mankind” Novels

By Mr. Cary C. Jeffries

The titles
below are listed in order of my preference. Where ever you see a price, it
will be the publisher’s current (as of 2007) suggested  retail price for the “Mass
Market” (4″ by 7″ paperback) edition of that book. OOP = Out of

1.) Out of The Ashes By William W. Johnstone –

2.) Fire In The Ashes By William W. Johnstone

3.) Emergence By David R. Palmer

4.) The Postman By David Brin

5.) Lucifer’s Hammer By Jerry Pournelle &
Larry Niven

6.) Alas Babylon By Pat Frank

7.) On The Beach By Nevil Shute

8.) Earth Abides By George R. Stewart

9.) The Stand: The Expanded Edition By Stephen King

10.) Atlas Shrugged By Ayn Rand

11.) The HAB Theory Allan W. Eckert

12.) Tunnel In The Sky By Robert A. Heinlein

13.) A Canticle For Leibowitz By Walter M. Miller Jr.

14.) The Man In The High Castle By Phillip K. Dick

15.) The Puppet Masters By Robert A. Heinlein

16.) Fail Safe By Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler

17.) The Long Tomorrow By Leigh Bracket

18.) Red Storm Rising By Tom Clancy

19.) War Day By Whitley Streiber & James Kunetka

20.) The White Plague By Frank Herbert

21.) I Am Legend By Richard Mattheson

22.) War of The Worlds By H. G. Wells

23.) Farnam’s Freehold By Robert A. Heinlein

24.) Earthwreck By Thomas N. Scortia

first two novels in the above list are also the first two volumes in the
thirty-four volume post-holocaust series written by the late great William W.
. Known simply as “The Ashes” series, they represent one of
the most controversial pile of paperbacks that you’re ever likely to see. Mr.
Johnstone makes Rush Limbaugh look like a piker when it comes to his distain for
liberals in general, and the liberal mindset in particular. And since “most”
of this
country’s news and entertainment media have been just left of Marx for longer
than the last half of my fifty-four years, you can just bet what they thought
and still think about Mr. Johnstone!

       Note: Since I compiled this
list a several of years ago, several of these titles have come back into print.
I’ve dnoe a lot of book searches to find out what’s currently available. But I
have yet to fail finding a good used reasonably price copy of any book by using Amazon. 

       Three major motion pictures
were made from the twenty-first title from the above list. The first was “The
Last Man On Earth
(1964)” staring Vincent Price. The second was “The Omega
(1971)”, staring Charlton Heston. And the most recent version, “I Am
(2007)” staring Will Smith. It is my humble opinion that if taken in the
context of the decades in which each was released, all three were very good
films and should be in anybody’s video library.

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