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Growing Trees By The Grandma White Method

Growing Trees (Any Trees!) By The Grandma White Method (The text & illustrations for this web page came from the…continue reading


CORN AND BEANS, THE WONDER FOODS  by Kurt Saxon (From THE SURVIVOR; Volume 8) Corn and beans have been staple…continue reading

Camping & Woodcraft 1917 Concentrated Foods

CAMPING & WOODCRAFT 1917 CHAPTER TEN: CONCENTRATED FOODS The first European settlers in this country were ignorant of the ways of the…continue reading

A Garden in a Basket

This article came from the 39th (May/June 1976)  issue of The Mother Earth News. One look at the prices quoted in…continue reading

How To Grow Vegetables And Fruits By The Organic Method Forward Part 2

FOREWORD: Part Two Attaining Gardening Success Live out west? Have you given up gardening because you found it: (1) takes…continue reading

How To Grow Vegetables And Fruits By The Organic Method

FOREWORD: Part One Why Grow Your Own Food? TODAY, MORE AMERICANS than ever before want to grow their own fruits…continue reading

How To Grow Vegetables & Fruits: Table of Contents

by the staff of ORGANIC GARDENING AND FARMING MAGAZINE I. RODALE,Editor-in-Chief  Robert Rodale, Editor  Jerome Olds, Executive Editor  C. Goldman,Managing Editor  Maurice Franz, Managing Editor …continue reading

Kurt Saxon Survival Foods

The Art of Making Alcohol

  Welcome To Our “The Philosophy & Rewards Of Survival” Section   THE ART OF MAKING ALCOHOLBy Kurt Saxon I had…continue reading

Making Your Own Booze

Welcome To Our “Selected Works of Kurt Saxon & Other Fine Folk” Section Making Your Own Booze Part II Subject:…continue reading