Clarence the Mighty Martian Slayer – Chapter 5


By Kurt Saxon

Chapter Six


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Two Muslim Authored Emails With
Kurt Saxon’s Response To Both Of Them

After checking himself back into the Larchmont nuthouse, Clarence had let day after day slip by. He had killed so many Martians he was convinced that those left had either gone back to Mars or were lying low. At any rate, he had saved the world, as his guides assured him.

Then one afternoon Ahmed was transferred from the local prison to his ward. Ahmed was a black convert to Islam with such mental problems the prison guards couldn’t handle him. Of course, he would pray five times a day with his butt in the air, groveling on the floor like a whipped cur, in submission to a being which ‘did not exist. But Ahmed prayed constantly, or wandered around muttering disjointed passages from the Koran and generally being out of contact with the system.

He was non-violent and after being medicated, he gravitated toward Josh, Clarence’s black father-figure. They would spend hours arguing over the respective merits of Islam and Josh’s Holiness sect while Clarence listened and learned enough about Islam to talk the talk.

Clarence had never considered Islam one way or another. But about a month after meeting Ahmed, he watched a documentary on pre-war Afghanistan. He had no interest in Middle-East vermin but was excited and alarmed as he witnessed the execution of the woman in the soccer stadium.

Clarence had never had a woman except in his fantasies. But his fantasy mate was the most perfect, the most beautiful that had ever lived.

The woman executed was veiled. But the fact that he couldn’t see her face proved she was his own mate and that the Martians had killed her just to get back at him. Clarence was grieved and enraged. He had to go back out and avenge her. Not only that, but since Muslims were intent on world domination like the Martians he had disposed of, he had a renewed cause. Islam must die!

The only Muslim he had ever met was Ahmed. Although he was obviously a Martian , he couldn’t be touched. He was in there, one of the brotherhood of the dumbed, and so was harmless.

Clarence would have to go back to New York, where the documentary had shown Muslim park orators threatening world-domination and the establishment of Islamic law on all Americans who would submit and death to all who would not.

He had brought $1,500 with him when he had checked in. He took it with him when he went out on the grounds with the ward that afternoon. He left the group unnoticed and vaulted the back fence and headed for the bus station and New York. He then found his way to the old neighborhood and got a room in the same Wino-Arms where he had lived before.

On his way he had stopped at several stores and bought all he needed for a week’s stay and outfitting his arsenal.

That evening, while listening to talk shows on his little transistor radio, he read “The Glorious Koran”, translated from the Arabic by Muhammad M. Pickthall. This was a thick soft-bound, green book he had picked up earlier. From what he had learned from Ahmed and the book and the ravings of the documentary’s orators, he saw the overall Muslim plan to dominate the Earth. After discussing the subject with his guides, Clarence was more than ever determined to rejoin the Army of the Unseen. His guides had ordered him to terminate with extreme prejudice.

Next day Clarence went to a phone booth and tore out the pages listing Muslim meeting places and institutions. He checked off all the mosques and visited most of them over the weekend.

He checked them for size and accessibility, which seemed guarded and which could be entered without any scrutiny. Then he spent that night going back to check on those which were locked and empty for the night.

When this research was done he proceeded to make seven bomblets, as instructed in our Bomb Component Recognition CD-ROM.

He then left his room and went to a fairly large Mosque, carrying his green copy of “The Glorious Quaran”. He went in and stood in the back, holding his Koran for all to see that he was just a white wanna-be Muslim, ignorant of Arabic but wanting the initiated to see him as a potential convert.

Clarence smiled inside as he watched the many real Muslims with their butts in the air. The mullah raved on and on about the American atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The audience was told that America had declared war on Islam and so had to be punished. Moreover, believers must cast off all the so-called progressive ways of the infidel. “After all, he concluded, “if Allah had meant for us to use toilet paper. He wouldn’t have given us fingers”.

As the worshippers thought that over, Clarence turned from the audience and took from his pocket six bomblets and his lighter, which he had chosen for its three-inch flame. He swept the flame across the fuses and tossed the bomblets among the assembly. Before anyone could react, all the bomblets went off sending hundreds of flesh-puncturing bits of shrapnel into the victims. Clarence slipped out the front door as howls of pain and rage swept the mosque.

All that night he listened to the reports coming in over his radio about the attack. Muslims filled the talk shows accusing the Feds of America’s expected war on Islam.

Clarence’s next mission was to burn out some of the nests of who he thought might be the most active Muslim Martians. He had chosen three hole-in-the-wall mosques. It was his idea that the larger, more elaborate mosques were for those Martians who were biding their time. They had adjusted to life on Earth and were willing to wait. But the smaller mosques in the shabbier neighborhoods were for the fanatics openly screaming their hatred for his people and threats to act soon. A lot of them were going to have to find some other place to plot.

The next evening he took a cordless drill with a quarter-inch bit and an enema bag filled with gasoline hung from his neck inside his jacket. He went to three of the smaller unoccupied mosques in the dead of night after first looking to see no one on the street. At each he chose a section of the wooden door three feet above the entrance. Next, he quickly drilled a hole through and went on to the next target.

Looking again to make sure no one was about, he put the enema bag’s nozzle in the hole and pressed the bag, squirting gasoline about twenty feet inside. Then he lit a three-inch fuse and flicked it through the hole. As the inside of the small mosque became enveloped in flames he hurried back to the second door.

The entire Muslim community was enraged. Plots were aired and denied all-round. That weekend, the nearest park to the burnt out mosques was packed with protesters. Anti-American signs were all over as Muslim orators screamed insults, accusations and threats. “The infidels thought 9/11 was bad. But our leader, Osama Bin Laden, has commanded a renewed jihad which will be like 18/22. It will make 9/11 seem like a fly-swatting.

Clarence and his guides had expected this response. He had made a special fire bomb just for this occasion. It would be a real crowd pleaser. He had collected a couple of two liter plastic soft drink bottles and had bored a hole in one of the caps. Then he took one of the bomblets, smeared super glue around its top and put its fuse through the cap’s hole. He then put this detonator in his shirt pocket. He next filled one of the bottles with gasoline two inches from its opening and screwed on the undrilled cap. Then he put the bottle into a paper sack and took it to the park.

He threaded his way into the middle of a mob of howling Muslims, making sure his green Quran was in full view. After a few minutes he lit a cigarette. He stood smoking for another minute, listening to one of the raving orators, unscrewed the cap, inserted the detonator, stuck it into the gasoline and screwed on the fuse cap. Then he touched the cigarette to the fuse, set the bomb on the ground at his feet and went back through the crowd.

He had gone only a few yards when the bomb exploded, sending flaming gasoline among the protesters, setting nearly a hundred alight. Clarence left the writhing, screaming mass with hardly a singe.

Now the whole country would be alerted to the danger of being a Martian/Muslim. They had done it to his people on 9/11 and had made numerous promises to do it again. But from now on, they would all know that there was no defense against the Army of the Unseen.


Two Muslim Authored Emails With
Kurt Saxon’s Response To Both Of Them

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:01:42 +0000
From: “Sarah A.” <>

“Sarah A.” wrote:

In the name of Allah the most merciful the most gracious

To whoever u are,
I have seen ur website and I would like to tell you that all it is is lies.
You mentioned aya’s from the holy Quran…why don’t you site them???? Maybe its because they do not exist. Muslims are poor people but they are united. We don’t need any of your terrisam garbage. By the way we all know George is a very stupid man…he’s helping the people of Israel. Has it ever occured to you why the heck he’s even trying to help? Or why he’s bombing Iraq.Uh..lets see maybe because of oil. Freedom why does he even care? Oh and by the way if the Quran is not true WHY IS ISLAM THE SECOND LARGEST RELIGON ON EARTH AND WHY IS IT THE FASTEST GROWING RELIGON ON EARTH??? Oh and by the way how can anyone believe a book that is made up by four people who dont even know thier own last names. May God save you from hell fire and turn your heart toward the right path.

Dear Sarah:

Thank you for your E-mail. I value it.

Since you don’t know who I am, I take it you didn’t really read my article, “Islam Versus Civilization”. So your accusation that it is all lies is irrelevant.

Even so, any attack on a belief system is considered lies by it’s believers, in the same sense that “the earth is round” was considered a lie by those who believed it was flat.

You head your E-mail with “Allah, the most merciful”. Merciful to whom? Islam is the enemy of every Muslim not in a position of authority. The haves of Islam can claim mercy but the lay Muslims are among the most wretched of all people.

I don’t know what you mean by “ayas” so I couldn’t cite them.

The great majority of Muslims are indeed poor, but hardly united.

Unfortunately, the bombing of Iraq has ceased, but the bombing of our troops by cowards continues.

I think Islam is indeed the largest belief system, having one billion, three hundred million ignorant primitives. It is the fastest-growing due to the fact that it attracts the least intelligent, because of the down breeding of our species. If belief systems were body parts, Islam would be the lower colon, gathering the dregs and refuse of

Bible people didn’t have last names. Did Mohammed?

Your reference to hell fire reminds me of my mother. In her Church Of Christ fanaticism, she often told me, when I was little, that everyone who wasn’t a member of her church would burn in Hell. Sweet, but dumb as a box of rocks.

You have inspired me to go on:

And what do Muslims have to show for Allah’s patronage? Where is their technology, their science, their art, their literature? What talent do they have but bearing as many offspring as biology allows?

The nineteen idiots of 9/11 guaranteed the eventual destruction of world Islam. But you seem to believe that sheer numbers will accomplish Allah’s purpose. But Allah, with its hundreds of millions of Muslim vermin couldn’t even defeat the tiny state of Israel.

When I was a child, I had a pocket blow torch. One day when out playing, I saw an ant’s nest covered an inch deep by an eight inch circle with large red and black ants, probably ready to swarm. I lit the torch and passed it over the ants and must have killed a hundred thousand. I wouldn’t do that today, but then I was a child.

When the TV shows thousands of screaming Muslims, burning our flag, cursing and threatening America, I think of those ants. Especially so when I see hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims milling around the Kaabah. A small nuclear device. Ants.

You Muslims call us the “Great Satan”. We reject the title. But isn’t it ironic that Allah, the greatest being and the only god, cannot prevail against his lowliest creation, the devil? From the Crusades onwards, the forces of Allah have been overcome with ease by infidels.

What about this god of yours, Allah? Allah was a traditional myth of Arabs long before Mohammed used it to unite several savage tribes under his control. To the ignorant, it was a religion. But to Mohammed, his relatives and lieutenants, it was a system of mind control. If getting ignorant youngsters to strap on bombs in hopes of
murdering a few non-involved civilians is anything but mind control, what is?

Nearly every page of the Quran demands belief and slavish submission to this non-existent being, Allah. Wouldn’t
that mean that it wants to be recognized as a god? What with radio, TV, the Internet, if Allah were a god, couldn’t it use the media to make itself known to all, without the aid of thousands of lying, domineering clergy?

Allah’s clergy, threaten to take over the world and establish Islamic law, after killing all who won’t submit to Allah’s will. Would a god need this to establish its power? What god would promise a bisexual whorehouse Muslims call “Paradise” as a reward for murderers? Muslims worship a devil and call it Allah.

It does no good for Muslims to rant about our morality, which leaves much to be desired. It’s true that many of our womenfolk do disport themselves in a most unladylike manner.

Muslim women are subdued and modest. They wear veils so as not to inspire lust. They allow themselves to be treated worse than whores by their menfolk. Saudi women wear black veils that reach the ground, making them look like so many walking trash bags.

But things are changing among Muslim women. Their menfolk now allow them to become suicide bombers and here lately, they outnumber male bombers. So now, instead of being modestly covered, they lie naked and torn for all to see.

No, Sarah, Allah is not a god. Islam is not a religion. Islam has become a trouble and a threat to the world. Islam must die.

I do hope you will respond. Even better, show this to one of your clergy and have him respond.

Most cordially,
Kurt Saxon

On Sun, 17 Aug 2003 wrote:

this message is to kurt saxon: u fukkin gay bastard, who the fuck do u think u are? im a muslim and im a big fan of urs, i have the poor mans james bond books, u taught me how to make bombs, explosives, poison gases etc. u bastard, u fukkin american whore. who do u think im gonna use my skills against now? thats right, you! im gonna use your own dirty tricks against you, and your american people, who is mohomet? who the fuck is mohomet? its spelt muhammad. i will plant a bomb ( made by one of ur recipies) in your own house, i will use one of your detonators to set it off. i will kill u, unless someone gets to u before me. oh yeah, how the fuck is jesus the son of god? why dont you use your stupid head just for five minutes to think about it, how can god be the father of jesus if jesus is god? in the bible it says that jesus is the son of god, then it says that jesus is the son of david, then it says that jesus is the son of abraham, make up your fuckin mind. if jesus is god then how can david or abraham be the father of god? in the bible it says that god took 6 days to create the earth and rested on the seventh day, how can god rest? why would the most powerful being in existence need to rest? it says that jesus died for peoples sins, it says that he was god, so why when jesus was on the cross, did he say: “oh god, why have thou forsaken me”? is he talkin to himself or what? if jesus is god, then why does he need to eat? why does god need to eat? jesus never said that he was god, if u turn the bible upside down, you will see that it isnt written anywhere that jesus is god. i was a really big fan of yours and really enjoyed reading your books until i saw the articles on your website, now i will plan to use your teachings to destroy america

Dear Ahmed,

I enjoyed your email. However, you made the mistake of thinking I believe in the Bible, which is just as phony as the Quran.

Threats from Muslims reminds me of the flea with a hard-on, floating down the Chicago River, on his back, hollering “Raise the Bridge”!

Keep in touch,
Kurt Saxon

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