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In 1962 the United States government discovered nuclear EMP when the lights went out in Hawaii after a nuclear test detonation. 50 years later, we are no closer to hardening our infrastructure against such a devastating attack than we were then.

It’s true that there are degrees of EMP. A solar flare will not produce the harsh aftermath of a missile blowing up in the skies above the United States. But a solar flare is not what we need to be worried about. Rogue terrorist cells can easily transport a dismantled missile off the coast anywhere in the United States, reach our waterways, and reassemble it for delivery into the sky above us. In fact, our politicians have a word for it – SCUD in a bucket. The entire power grid would collapse.

It would be beyond horrific. It has been estimated that within a year, 75% to 90% of the population would be dead because we no longer have a society that can take care of itself. (Just in food production alone, 2% of the U.S. feeds the other 98%.) Even our military bases within the U.S. are dependent on the power grid to function.

And things wouldn’t get better quickly or at all. We only have enough transformers to replace 1% of those in operation. The rest are manufactured in South Korea and Germany, and take on average 18 months for delivery of one unit. In that type of catastrophic scenario, where major transformers in the power grid would have to be replaced, there wouldn’t be enough to take care of the needs of the citizens. We would literally be thrown back into the 19th century at a moment’s notice.

Would you survive?

Please join us on Off the Grid Radio today as Bill Heid welcomes his guest, Ross Howarth, the vice-president and general manager of EMPact America, the largest EMP advocacy organization in America. It is a non-profit organization of citizens concerned with protecting people from nuclear, EMP, and natural disasters.

The facts may horrify you… they may even anger you….

But they should in no way paralyze you. The time is now to take personal action to guard our families from the willful neglect of our government and her agencies. Preparation is the key to our survival.

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