Kurt Saxon, owner of Atlan Formularies, is the father of Survivalism. He coined the word. For years he's collected knowledge on trades, crafts, cottage industries and survival skills from a past when our immediate ancestors had to do for themselves on a day to day basis. His work is in anticipation of a time when our overcrowded and down-bred system goes the way of Rome.

Kurt started his business in January of 1976 with a quarterly  newsletter called "The Survivor". After publishing and selling twelve issues of "The Survivor", Mr. Saxon would collect all those back-issues and combine 3 to 5 long out of print books to this concoction to create a bound volume of one of his most famous works to date; "The Survivor" series of books. We have 2 volumes in print with 8 more on both CD and DVD ROM ready to go to press just as soon we have the financial where-with-all to print them.

Kurt's most famous (or "infamous"  if you happen to roost on the left side of the political spectrum) work is called "The Poor Man's James Bond" series. We have the first of this series in print, with the other 4 all on CD/DVD. Though much of the information (chemistry, chemicals,  improvised weapons, weaponry, bombs, explosives, etc.) found in these books could be used for some home grown domestic mayhem, Mr. Saxon has assembled it all in one handy package for one reason and one reason only. So that you and/or any group of your friends or fellow citizens would have all the info necessary to defend yourselves from all the thugs, punks and assorted two-legged vermin that always seem to come out of the woodwork when any local, state or national disaster strikes.

His program is in no way political, racist or religious. He leaves such considerations to those who seek security in belief rather than practical knowledge.

The only inalienable right is to die for ones beliefs. Those who choose beliefs over knowledge, as well as those who don't know the difference, will not survive the collapse. In most cases, they will have done the only good thing they have ever done, which is to take their defective genes out of our species.

Atlan Formularies supplies the knowledge to survive. Those who reject such knowledge are welcome to share the fate of the rest of the doomed herd.